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Who can learn to fly?

Anyone can learn to fly. The minimum age to fly solo is 16 and to hold a Private Pilot’s Licence is 17 years of age. To hold a Commercial Pilot’s Licence you must be 18  years of age. There is no upper age limit.

There is no minimum education requirement.

A Civil Aviation Medical Certificate is required before you are able to fly solo. If you wear glasses this is not a problem, however you are required to meet certain standards for eyesight as part of your medical.

The Private Pilot’s Licence

A Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is the entry level pilot’s qualification and allows you to fly an aircraft anywhere in New Zealand and carry your friends as passengers.

You may not operate an aircraft for hire or reward without achieving your Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL).

The requirements to achieve your Private Pilots Licence must include:

  • Pass examinations in six subjects
  • Pass an English Proficiency assessment
  • Pass a flight test which will include all normal and emergency flight manoeuvres
    This will also include a test on your ability to comply with Air Traffic Services practices and procedures
  • Complete at least 50 hours total flight time of which:
    • 15 hours must be dual instruction
    • 15 hours must be solo flight time
    • 5 hours must be instrument flight time (2 may be in an approved Flight Simulator)
    • 5 hours of terrain and weather awareness training
    • 10 hours cross-country navigation training.









Click the image to access further information produced by CAA in becoming a Pilot within New Zealand.

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If your interested in completing a Commercial Pilot’s Licence then click on the link – Commercial Pilot’s Licence

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