Commercial Pilots Licence


For over 25 years Kapiti District Aero club has worked hard to help countless pilots in achieving their Commercial Pilot’s Licence with many going on to lead successful careers in aviation in New Zealand and around the world.

With a dedicated team of instructors and a location that boasts ideal flying conditions, our training organisation has strived hard to maintain a standard in which safety and professionalism is modelled and instilled in the students who work with us.

With a Commercial Pilots Licence (aeroplane) you will hold the qualification required to fly fare paying passengers or freight. However to begin training towards your CPL you must hold a valid Private Pilots Licence and hold a Class 1 Medical Certificate. A Commercial Pilots Licence is the minimum requirement to fly commercially in New Zealand / overseas as an employed pilot.

To obtain a CPL, you need to complete:

  • Six CPL theory subjects (Human Factors, Air Law, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Navigation, General Aircraft Technical Knowledge) as well as Flight Radio Telephony
  • ICAO English Proficiency Assessment  
  • Hold a Current Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Minimum of 200 hours flight time which includes the following;
    • 100 hours Pilot in Command time
    • Cross country navigation - 30 hours in aeroplanes, which is to include 20 hours training and a cross-country flight test.
    • Night Flying – 10 hours which is to include 4 hours dual instruction & 5 hours (including 10 take offs and landings) as pilot in command.
    • 10 hours Instrument Time which includes 5 hours dual instrument flight time & 5 hours instrument time on a synthetic trainer (available at Kapiti Aero Club)
    • A Basic Mountain Flying Course which includes a basic mountain flying ground theory course & 5 hours dual flying training consisting of least 2 hours low flying & 2 hours mountain flying.
    • A Commercial Pilot Licence Flight Test


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